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CPBW International was born in Vancouver Canada in 1992. Charles was constantly being encouraged by those he knew to develop his own identity and to launch out into the business world offering his creative, marketing and business development skills he'd gathered in his previous twenty years working in the US, Canada and UK. His primary skill sets were derived from his various positions in the broadcast industry as an Assistant Program Director, Ad Copy Writer and On-Air Personality. Through its partnerships and collaborations, CPBW has proven its own brand and contributed to the success of many companies internationally.

Charles P. B. Woollett,
Founder & CEO

A Renaissance Man

Throughout his professional career, Charles has directed a wide variety of marketing, advertising and communication and promotional campaigns producing dynamic results, directly with retail clients and ad agencies, since the mid-eighties. Industry segments have included, travel, hotels, resorts, cruise lines, automotive, film, broadcasting and technology.

On the creative side, Charles gained his experience in film production in London and Vancouver. He was also an "On-Air" radio personality in Toronto and Honolulu. He is regarded as a creative, conceptual thinker and persuasive communicator by those who have worked with him. He has been fortunate to experience some 147 cities in over 49 countries, which has contributed to his global, cultural and business perspectives.

Selected Clients

Working with diverse industry segments from around the world 

As their lead Creative Director and Marketing Head, developed the launch promotional materials for first, second and third private investment rounds. I was personally chosen to be the companies on-camera Spokesperson for the Founder and his subsidiary company in a series of promotional videos promoting three books authored by the principle. Copies of both his books and videos where sent to every US Governor, Senator and Congressman.

Worked directly with Zoetry's, Villa Rolandi General Manager over a period of three years. We coordinated a promotional strategy called the VR Chronicles together with their Endless Privileges campaign. A series of high octane resort reviews with internet, social media and magazine publications, promoting the property, cuisine and services. Which culminated in greater awareness and increased occupancy levels.

Developed three separate exclusive promotional broadcast and media campaigns, for the Groups hotel properties in Hong Kong, Fiji and for their Grand Opening of the Sydney Regent, Australia.

Official sponsor for the visiting British Polo teams including; the Marquis of Waterford, Lord Beresford, Stewart Copeland and Ronnie Fureguson. Major sponsors where the Bank of Hawaii and John Hutton Broadcasting aka KUMU AM & FM.

For this highly exclusive private cruise line out of Monaco and the launch of their first ship, Silver Cloud, we developed the first ever exclusive by invitation Private Party Promotion, at the Vancouver Museum of Modern Art, catered by the Hotel Vancouver.

Was chosen as the Cancer Challenge Promotional Spokesperson for radio, television and Gala Dinner. The personna was doing my Jack Nicholson impersonations.

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